The UniTherm door meets the stringent standards in terms of resistance to wind and water penetration, as well as that of air permeability. These parameters have an impact on prolonging the life of the door, and helping to keep it visually appealing for many years.*
* 20 thousand cycles means almost 14 years of trouble-free operation when used 4 times a day.




The UniTherm door has been designed to meet the requirements of energy efficient construction. UniTherm fully benefits from the thermal insulation properties of the 60 mm thick INNOVO panels and the door sealing systems to eliminate heat losses at the ‘thinnest’ points across the door curtain, and to maximise the energy saving of the buildings. The heat transfer coefficient of the INNOVO panel is 0.33 W/m2K, which translates into a thermal insulation performance for the whole door.

WINKHAUS application

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The Winkhaus app introduces a new way of energy-saving safe ventilation, created by the constructors of this company. It contains a simulation of air exchange for the tilted window and a new method of weathering, based on the results of laboratory tests. For windows owners with a new function of energy-efficient safe ventilation, it is possible to calculate the time necessary for the proper ventilation of the rooms, and also notifies that the time of airing is over.