duoPort SK-S & SK-Z

Large-format window elements are characteristic of modern architecture. They let in plenty of natural daylight, afford generous views and allow rooms to ‘breathe’. However, technical possibilities had been limited for a long time: swing doors require a great deal of space on the inside when opened, while sliding doors cannot be tilted to provide ventilation. The perfect solution: duoPort SK, the slide-tilt system from Winkhaus.

Whichever duoPort SK model you decided on, you will benefit from state-of-the-art technology, the qualities of which are manifest in its many functions and its ease of use. Load capacities vary between 100kg and 200kg sash weight, depending on the design. The duoPort fitting system is extremely versatile thanks to its 125mm opening width and 35mm free size of the frame (this refers to the gap between the floor surface and the lower edge of the sash). Large rollers and optimum glide performance ensure even heavy glazing elements slide gently and effortlessly. The bogie height can be easily adjusted. The system is fitted quickly, easily and safely during all stages of the installation process. The slide-tilt fitting duoPort SK appears in two different technical designs: with duoPort SK-S, users open and close balcony doors by hand using the safe, smooth-running system. The duoPort SK-Z design offers additional convenience: the opening and closing function is made easier thanks to handle control system and automatic tilt and engage function. This ensures users can easily tilt and slide even heavy balcony doors.


-the circumferential ventilation gap measuring up to 6mm between the sash and frame guarantees a natural exchange of air

-burglary resistant ventilation; the combination between the activePilot octagonal locking bolt with steel ventilation lock components provides enchanced security

-the same burglary resistance class is achieved in the parallel action as with the window closed

Standard colours
SC-Reinwess RAL9010 SC-Reinwess RAL9010
SC-Cremeweiss RAL9001 SC-Cremeweiss RAL9001
SC-Winchester SC-Winchester
ALU-Golden Oak ALU-Golden Oak
SC-Nut SC-Nut
SC-Mahogany SC-Mahogany
SC-Dark Oak SC-Dark Oak
SC-Antracite Satin 7016 SC-Antracite Satin 7016
SC-Dark brown SC-Dark brown
Additional colours
SC-Lichtgrau RAL 7035 SC-Lichtgrau RAL 7035
SC-Aluminum geburstet SC-Aluminum geburstet
SC-Silbergrau RAL 7001 SC-Silbergrau RAL 7001
SC-Achatgrau RAL 7038 SC-Achatgrau RAL 7038
SC-Douglasie SC-Douglasie
SC-Siena Rosso SC-Siena Rosso
SC-Siena Noce SC-Siena Noce
SC-Quarzgrau RAL 7039 SC-Quarzgrau RAL 7039
SC-Moosgrun RAL 6005 SC-Moosgrun RAL 6005
SC-Tannengrun RAL 6009 SC-Tannengrun RAL 6009
SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012 SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012
SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012 smooth SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012 smooth
SC-Schwarzgrau RAL 7021 SC-Schwarzgrau RAL 7021
DB 703 DB 703

PAGEN company for glazings use Low Emission insulated glass. We offer wide assortment of PILKINGTON – our supplier. The glasses used in Pagen’s windows are modern and technological advanced. It is characterized by 2-level seals between distance frame and two or tree glasses in result it rise the product durability. Insulated glass are made in fully automatized production lines with high levels components. Strict control on each stage ensure the best quality. Insulated glasses can exist in any configuration of wide PILKINGTON offer for ensure term isolation, fire resistance, security, sun protection and noises.

Ciepłochronne Heat protection panes
Laminowane Laminated panes
Dźwiękochłonne Soundproof panes
Przeciwsłoneczne Solar panes
Dekoracyjne Decorative panes
Ognioodporne Fire-resistant glass
Master Carre Master Carre
Master Point Master Point
Master Ray Master Ray
Master Ligne Master Ligne
Float Float
Crepi Crepi
Arctic Blue Arctic Blue
Atlantic Atlantic
Stopsol grey Stopsol grey
Stopsol green Stopsol green
Chinchilla brown Chinchilla brown
Planibel grey Planibel grey
Planibel green Planibel green
Chinchilla white Chinchilla white
Stopsol dark blue Stopsol dark blue
Stopsol brown Stopsol brown
Stopsol brown Stopsol brown
Niagara white Niagara white
Master Ligne Master Ligne
Master Lens Master Lens
Kura white Kura white
Kora brown Kora brown
Kora white Kora white
Kathedral Kathedral
Delta matt white Delta matt white
Matt Matt
Antelio Silver Antelio Silver
Alt Deutsch white Alt Deutsch white