HST ThermoSlide

The Schüco Thermoslide HST doors are without a doubt the best HST doors. First of all they have the best thermal insulation parameters on the level of Uw=0,8 W/m2K, which is a head above the competition. The doors are equipped with specially designed low aluminium thresholds with three thermal wedges, that secure the door from thermal bridges in the lower part of the frame. The doors are manufactured in the widest frame on the market up to 219 cm in width and a construction of 82 mm. Aside from that, in the ThermoSlide system the problem with tightness that occurs in so many sliding doors has been completely eliminated, thanks to the design of the sash that overlaps into the frame and is tightened with 4 gaskets. The door was designed in such a way that even constructions up to 6,5 meters in width is possible. The Thermoslide doors have the richest color palette on the market together with the unique Automotive metalic Finish

  • The system offers 5-chamber door leaves and 7-chamber door frames with solid thermally insulated steel reinforcements, which improve door statics and limit heat losses.
  • The deeply mounted door frame (219 mm) and 82 mm leaves allow to install thick, triple pane packages up to 52 mm with improved thermal insulation properties.
  • Low, multi-chamber aluminium threshold with three thermal insulation inserts has eliminated the problem of the so-called ‘cold zone’ often associated with floors.
  • HS sliding doors include perfect insulation of the lintels as well as the critical connection points between the fixed and movable leaves, combined with the three level insulation system, which provides reliable protection from cold air inflow.
  • HS Thermoslide in standard dimensions with 2-chamber pane with Ug<0.6 W/m²K achieve passive parameter value of Uw<0.8 W/m²K.

Lift and slide fitting offers ground-breaking technological innovation
The versatile lift and slide system for your individual needs. The fitting system lifts and slide lightweight elements with narrow profiles with the same precision as XXL elements weighing up to 330 kg, or even 440 kg in case of the tandem model.

A host of equipment options makes it possible to adjust this lift and slide fitting to any requirement scenario. The HAUTAU ATRIUM® HS ThermoTop® provides an unobstructed passageway thanks to its low running track. The anti-lifting device ATRIUM® HS safe allows for increased safety and extra burglar protection. The ATRIUM® comfort features make it possible to move even heavy elements with perfect fluency and precision. Added comfort that you will feel right away. A type of fittings technology that satisfies even the latest energy efficiency requirements thanks to a highly heat-insulated threshold.

For lightweight to XXL sliding windows and doors made of timber, PVC and aluminium. Solutions for variable element sizes and weights.

ASG handles

Standard colours
SC-SAF-DB 703 mat SC-SAF-DB 703 mat
SC-Copper Effest SC-Copper Effest
SC-Cream Line SC-Cream Line
SC-White Line SC-White Line
SC-Schwarzgrau RAL 7021 SC-Schwarzgrau RAL 7021
SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012 smooth SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012 smooth
SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012 SC-Basaltgrau RAL 7012
SC-Tannengrun RAL 6009 SC-Tannengrun RAL 6009
SC-Quarzgrau RAL 7039 SC-Quarzgrau RAL 7039
SC-Winchester SC-Winchester
SC-Siena Noce SC-Siena Noce
SC-Siena Rosso SC-Siena Rosso
SC-Douglasie SC-Douglasie
SC-Achatgrau RAL 7038 SC-Achatgrau RAL 7038
SC-Silbergrau RAL 7001 SC-Silbergrau RAL 7001
SC-Aluminum geburstet SC-Aluminum geburstet
SC-Lichtgrau RAL 7035 SC-Lichtgrau RAL 7035
SC-Reinwess RAL9010 SC-Reinwess RAL9010
SC-Nut SC-Nut
SC-Mahogany SC-Mahogany
SC-Golden Oak SC-Golden Oak
SC-Dark Oak SC-Dark Oak
SC-Dark brown SC-Dark brown
SC-Antracite Satin 7016 SC-Antracite Satin 7016
SC-Antracite 7016 SC-Antracite 7016
SC-Cremeweiss RAL9001 SC-Cremeweiss RAL9001
SC-Moosgrun RAL 6005 SC-Moosgrun RAL 6005

PAGEN company for glazings use Low Emission insulated glass. We offer wide assortment of PILKINGTON – our supplier. The glasses used in Pagen’s windows are modern and technological advanced. It is characterized by 2-level seals between distance frame and two or tree glasses in result it rise the product durability. Insulated glass are made in fully automatized production lines with high levels components. Strict control on each stage ensure the best quality. Insulated glasses can exist in any configuration of wide PILKINGTON offer for ensure term isolation, fire resistance, security, sun protection and noises.

Ciepłochronne Heat protection panes
Laminowane Laminated panes
Dźwiękochłonne Soundproof panes
Przeciwsłoneczne Solar panes
Dekoracyjne Decorative panes
Ognioodporne Fire-resistant glass
Master Carre Master Carre
Master Point Master Point
Master Ray Master Ray
Master Ligne Master Ligne
Float Float
Crepi Crepi
Arctic Blue Arctic Blue
Atlantic Atlantic
Stopsol grey Stopsol grey
Stopsol green Stopsol green
Chinchilla brown Chinchilla brown
Planibel grey Planibel grey
Planibel green Planibel green
Chinchilla white Chinchilla white
Stopsol dark blue Stopsol dark blue
Stopsol brown Stopsol brown
Stopsol brown Stopsol brown
Niagara white Niagara white
Master Ligne Master Ligne
Master Lens Master Lens
Kura white Kura white
Kora brown Kora brown
Kora white Kora white
Kathedral Kathedral
Delta matt white Delta matt white
Matt Matt
Antelio Silver Antelio Silver
Alt Deutsch white Alt Deutsch white

WINKHAUS application

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The Winkhaus app introduces a new way of energy-saving safe ventilation, created by the constructors of this company. It contains a simulation of air exchange for the tilted window and a new method of weathering, based on the results of laboratory tests. For windows owners with a new function of energy-efficient safe ventilation, it is possible to calculate the time necessary for the proper ventilation of the rooms, and also notifies that the time of airing is over.