PE 68, PE 68HI

System description 


The three-chamber system for the windows with “euro” standard hardware groove and groove used in windows and balcony doors made of PVC or wood profiles. The depth of the frame is 68 mm and the depth of leaf is 76 mm. Due to wider, in comparison to the PE60, 32 mm thermal insulator and one or two component central gasket, we can achieve high thermal parameters.
There is no need for a drip, what positively influences the beauty of the curtain wall, thanks to the modernization of the sealing elements.
The system allows to use the wide range of hardware and ease their installation. Three-chamber system Ponzio PE68 permits to set up constructions of large dimensions.
Glass thickness of 18-59 mm can be applied into the system as well as the arched constructions.


PE68 variant with three-chamber construction, with “euro” standard groove and groove used in windows and balcony doors made of PCV or wooden profiles. The structural depth of profiles for frame equals 68 mm, for sashes 76 mm. The system allows to apply fillings 18-59 mm wide. Additionally the thermal insulation of the system is better because of the special insulating inputs.
The system reaches various heat transfer coefficient depending on the location of insulating inserts.
In PE68 HI version – with closed glass chamber and insulating insert in the profile chamber – reaches Uf value from 1,3 W/m2K.

Fittings systems

The fully concealed turn-tilt fitting system.

With activPilot Select, Winkhaus offers a fully concealed turn-tilt fitting, which means that the visual advantage of invisibility can also be achieved for heavy windows and doors up to 150 kg.

A fitting system that is easy to install thanks to its intelligent modular construction, and that can be modified to reflect changing requirements at any stage.

Innovative technology that adds hidden strength:

activPilot Select opens up a new world of opportunities to window and building component manufacturers. Sashes weighing up to 150 kg with a surface area of 3 m² are easy to handle with this innovative turn-tilt fitting. activPilot Select therefore fulfils modern architectural requirements in new buildings and restoration work, also with regard to energy efficiency. Now, large-surface triple glazing is no problem.

The standard activPilot Select model will bear up to 100 kg. It is also possible to increase the load bearing capacity from 100 kg to max. 150 kg at a later stage. Two easily retrofittable add-on components are all you need.

Flexible configuration – fast installation.

activPilot Select’s user-friendly design offers window builders vastly simplified and accelerated installation and adjustment of the fittings with no special tools. No need for special drilling or complicated milling when producing windows. Locking points can be moved right into the corners – for more stability and safety. Depending on the sash weight, sashes can be fitted by a single qualified employee.

The window fitting system with parallel action

Compared with conventional turn and tilt windows, the activPilot Comfort PADK offers another opening dimension in addition to the “turn” and “tilt” opening positions: “parallel action”. The sash is disconnected parallel to the frame. This creates an approx. 6 mm wide air gap, which guarantees a natural and safe ventilation in any weather.

We intentionally took a different path in the development of the activPilot Comfort PADK fitting. The Tilt-First operating sequence has the advantage that the fitting is extremely smooth-running and enables high production tolerances. The operating sequence, which is coming more widely accepted on the market, offers additional security and is frequently used in nurseries, single homes, apartment blocks and residential homes for the elderly.

The special feature here is the dual function of the crosswise handle position: If the handle is moved to the crosswise position from below, the fitting is in the tilt position. If the handle is turned another 90° to the 180° position, the sash is in parallel action position. If the handle is turned back to the 90° position, the window sash can be moved to the turn position.

To close the window, the handle must be turned downwards to the initial position. A further benefit is that the activPilot Concept modular system can also be used for activPilot Comfort PADK.
The natural air exchange in parallel action is proven to create a healthy indoor climate. The special feature: This position offers the same protection from burglary as in the close state – burglary-resistance according to DIN EN 1627 – 1630 up to resistance class RC 2 is possible. The innovation: burglary-resistant ventilation!

Window fittings with character

The activPilot Concept fitting concept for turn-tilt windows combines functionality, perfected security technology and operating comfort. It is suitable for all profile systems, offers a high level of flexibility and fulfils the highest visual requirements with individual design coordination on the visible hinge side.

With activPilot Concept, a fitting system has been created, which sets itself apart on the market with its special design and impresses with functionality and operating comfort.

The intelligent, clearly-structured modular activPilot system offers window builders significantly improved processing efficiency, in particular due to the drastically reduced number of components. With its future-orientated design, activPilot also sets itself apart visually on the market with its special design and shines with an innovative external appearance.

The new locking system, the option of an easy security technology upgrade and a range of other attractive additional functions are just some of the arguments in favour of the activPilot fitting system, which leaves planners lots of room for the design and implementation.

A quick response to customer wishes is always possible with activPilot. The new retrofit options, convenient operation and components with multiple uses mean that it will significantly expand the range of any window manufacturer.

Types of locking

Standard colours
ALU-Golden Oak ALU-Golden Oak
ALU-Mahogany ALU-Mahogany
ALU-Cherry ALU-Cherry
ALU-Old Oak ALU-Old Oak
ALU-Pine ALU-Pine
ALU-Palisander ALU-Palisander
ALU-Wild Cherry ALU-Wild Cherry
ALU-Antic Oak ALU-Antic Oak
ALU-Dorato ALU-Dorato

PAGEN company for glazings use Low Emission insulated glass. We offer wide assortment of PILKINGTON – our supplier. The glasses used in Pagen’s windows are modern and technological advanced. It is characterized by 2-level seals between distance frame and two or tree glasses in result it rise the product durability. Insulated glass are made in fully automatized production lines with high levels components. Strict control on each stage ensure the best quality. Insulated glasses can exist in any configuration of wide PILKINGTON offer for ensure term isolation, fire resistance, security, sun protection and noises.

Ciepłochronne Heat protection panes
Laminowane Laminated panes
Dźwiękochłonne Soundproof panes
Przeciwsłoneczne Solar panes
Dekoracyjne Decorative panes
Ognioodporne Fire-resistant glass
Master Carre Master Carre
Master Point Master Point
Master Ray Master Ray
Master Ligne Master Ligne
Float Float
Crepi Crepi
Arctic Blue Arctic Blue
Atlantic Atlantic
Stopsol grey Stopsol grey
Stopsol green Stopsol green
Chinchilla brown Chinchilla brown
Planibel grey Planibel grey
Planibel green Planibel green
Chinchilla white Chinchilla white
Stopsol dark blue Stopsol dark blue
Stopsol brown Stopsol brown
Stopsol brown Stopsol brown
Niagara white Niagara white
Master Ligne Master Ligne
Master Lens Master Lens
Kura white Kura white
Kora brown Kora brown
Kora white Kora white
Kathedral Kathedral
Delta matt white Delta matt white
Matt Matt
Antelio Silver Antelio Silver
Alt Deutsch white Alt Deutsch white