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Flush-mounted systems are mainly designed for new buildings. However, once the necessary modifications to the lintel are made, these products can also be installed in existing buildings. It is important to plan the use of such solutions, this also applies to the installation method, as early as at the building design stage to allow for the effective use of the product’s functional values. Flush-mounted systems bring excellent thermal insulation performance as they do not require any modifications to the existing windows, doors or lintels, and thus do not affect the building’s energy use. What’s more, they perfectly fit the building’s façade and form an integral part thereof.
The front section of the roller-box is equally a basis for any finishing material (plaster, clinker, etc.) so that it remains an unnoticed element of the façade. Aluprof’s SP and SP-E systems are designed to ensure, first and foremost, a good protection against heat loss. This was especially appreciated by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (PHI), and the organization has issued a recommendation to apply both these solutions for 165 mm boxes (and smaller) in passive buildings. But it’s the proper installation in a previously insulated lintel in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines that is an essential condition here. In addition, window joinery should comply with the appropriate parameters, i.e. heat transfer coefficient of the window Uw is lower than 0.80/(m²K) while the glass pane coefficient Ug does not exceed 0.70 W/(m²K).

WINKHAUS application

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The Winkhaus app introduces a new way of energy-saving safe ventilation, created by the constructors of this company. It contains a simulation of air exchange for the tilted window and a new method of weathering, based on the results of laboratory tests. For windows owners with a new function of energy-efficient safe ventilation, it is possible to calculate the time necessary for the proper ventilation of the rooms, and also notifies that the time of airing is over.