SKEF venetian blinds system

SKEF venetian blinds systes is intended for use in existing buildings. The advantage of these products is that they do not require any special pre-installation preparation nor works to the existing structure as they are not integrated with the window. Buyers can thus decide to install the front-mounted roller shutters at any time. These solutions can be mounted to the window joinery (in the recess) or directly on the wall. In the first case,

The construction of the systems is made of extruded aluminium that ensures its durability and resistance to abrasion and weathering. Using any RAL colour allows for a perfect colour match for visible elements of the façade or window frame.The box of the SKEF system is cut at an angle of 45° and due to its specially design construction is more durable and resistant to weathering.

Aluprof control system

  • DC305 Mobile transmitter – 1 channel
  • DC306 Mobile transmitter – 5 channels
  • DC313 Mobile transmitter – 15 channels
  • DC920 Mobile transmitter – 5 channels – with timer
  • AL-RSP01 Flush mounted radio drive

Somfy control system

  • Pilot Telis 1 RTS Pure
  • Pilot Somfy TELIS 4 RTS 5 channels controlling pilot
  • Pilot Somfy TELIS 16 RTS 16 channels controlling pilot
  • Pilot Somfy TELIS 6 Chronis RTS 6 channels with clock control
  • Pilot Somfy Wall-mounted Smoove Origin io with Pure frame
Standard colours