SKT OPOTERM top mounted roller shutter

Top-mounted roller shutter system is a product addressed to those, who look for functional solutions. SKT OPOTERM-based roller shutters are intended for both newly constructed and refurbished buildings (replacement of windows). This on-window mounted system has its box direct installed on the window frame by means of an appropriate profile. These profiles are compatible with the majority of window and door frame profiles (aluminium, wooden & PVC). Boxes are made of high quality PVC components and are characterised by an increased thermal insulation. Aluprof’s SKT Opoterm top-mounted roller shutter system has received a thermal transmittance-related certificate from the renowned research centre IFT Rosenheim. The roller-boxes were tested using EPS (Neopor, thermal insulation material) – the tests were based on the current standards and calculation methods. The product demonstrated a very good thermal transmittance performance, e.g. the SKT 230/170 box with integrated insect screen obtained a Usb coefficient of 0.73 W / (m²K) while maintaining high operability to shadow larger glazed areas. The system is also available with narrow channels made of extruded aluminium for maxi and mini profiles to allow additional frame insulation in order to minimize heat loss.

Electric aluprof actuator

  • Motor YYGL45S-20/17 Mechanical limit switch
  • Motor DM45BD-20/15 – Detection Electronical limit switch
  • Aluprof Motor DM45R 20NM/15 Radio Mechanical limit switch
  • Motor DM45EV/Y-20/15 with Radio Detection Electrical limit switch

Electric somfy actuator

  • SOLUS 2 – wired control drive
  • ILMO 50 WT – Electronic drive – PLUG&PLAY
  • OXIMO 50 RTS – Electronic radio drive for shutters with obstacles detection
  • OXIMO 50 io 6/17 – Electronic radio drive for shutters with obstacles detection

Aluprof control system

  • DC305 Mobile transmitter – 1 channel
  • DC306 Mobile transmitter – 5 channels
  • DC313 Mobile transmitter – 15 channels
  • DC920 Mobile transmitter – 5 channels – with timer
  • AL-RSP01 Flush mounted radio drive

Somfy control system

  • Pilot Telis 1 RTS Pure
  • Pilot Somfy TELIS 4 RTS 5 channels controlling pilot
  • Pilot Somfy TELIS 16 RTS 16 channels controlling pilot
  • Pilot Somfy TELIS 6 Chronis RTS 6 channels with clock control
  • Pilot Somfy Wall-mounted Smoove Origin io with Pure frame
Additional colours
golden oak golden oak
Winchester Winchester
grey anthracite (RAL 7016) grey anthracite (RAL 7016)
grey (RAL 7038) grey (RAL 7038)
silver (RAL 9006) silver (RAL 9006)
walnut walnut
mahogany mahogany
dark brown (RAL 8019) dark brown (RAL 8019)
dark beige (RAL 1019) dark beige (RAL 1019)
brown (RAL 8014) brown (RAL 8014)
white (RAL 9016) white (RAL 9016)
beige (RAL 1013) beige (RAL 1013)