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ST 2000

The shutter in the box cut at an angle of 45 degrees, installed mainly on existing windows or facades. These types of systems are the simplest solutions in technical and economic terms. The size of the box depends on the whole height of the shutter and the type of armouring. This often determines the selection of the method of installation. The lowered shutter is an additional closing of the hole of the building and is at the same time a barrier with insulation properties. The stiff polyurethane foam, filling the profiles, is an additional thermal insulation. The layer of air created between the lowered armour of the shutter and the window or door makes it difficult to exchange heat between the interior and external environments. It enables saving thermal energy necessary for the heating of the rooms, while on hot days it protects against their excessive heating. There are versions with or without mosquito nets.

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The Winkhaus app introduces a new way of energy-saving safe ventilation, created by the constructors of this company. It contains a simulation of air exchange for the tilted window and a new method of weathering, based on the results of laboratory tests. For windows owners with a new function of energy-efficient safe ventilation, it is possible to calculate the time necessary for the proper ventilation of the rooms, and also notifies that the time of airing is over.