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Termolux TL 1000

TL1000 is one of the better shutter systems that can be used in newly-built facilities and those being modernized. The access cover is installed on the bottom of the box – it also allows the possibility of building up the box of shutters from the inside of the apartment without concern about the service access to the shutters. They can be installed to windows whose frame’s max. thickness does not exceed 95 mm. TL1000 shutters have no version with a mosquito net.

WINKHAUS application

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The Winkhaus app introduces a new way of energy-saving safe ventilation, created by the constructors of this company. It contains a simulation of air exchange for the tilted window and a new method of weathering, based on the results of laboratory tests. For windows owners with a new function of energy-efficient safe ventilation, it is possible to calculate the time necessary for the proper ventilation of the rooms, and also notifies that the time of airing is over.