In order to guarantee comfort and low bills for heating we offer energy efficient windows and the best insulation level.
A big challenge for the building industry the assurance of maximum energetic efficiency in the nearest future. There is a high energy saving potential in detached houses requiring a complex thermal modernization.
PAGEN co – operates with well- known window profile producers such as Schüco, Salamander Window & Door systems and merchandises the latest products fulfilling the strictest requirements concerning woodwork thermal diffusion coefficients.
The use of wide six or seven chamber profiles with triple glazing Ug = 0,5 W/m2 K and additional middle gasket becomes the standard in terms of thermal insulation improvement.
Therefore, a proper building insulation diminishes considerably the use of energy.


Our windows are equipped with modern ActivPilot Concept fittings. Such a solution combines functionality, security and a high use comfort.
A modern design distinguishes our products also because of their aesthetics, giving them features of an innovative design. ActivPilot Concept can be used in all window profiles.
The innovative mushrooms head locking system with its octagonal bolts increase the standard of burglary protection. If needed the burglary protection level can be raised up to Class 1 or 2 simply by changing the basic profile- adapted frame parts into security tilting system.


The combination of excellent functional features and high aesthetic quality allows us to offer a wide range of profiles and interior designs.
We use a completely new method of covering plastics with colouring layers as a result of co – operation between Schüco and the leading car paint producers. Thus, we can offer environmentally friendly metallic colours.
The highest quality of our paint layers is achieved thanks to the unique colour durability and resistance to the weather conditions and meets the strictest technical requirements.


Long – term experience in window production allows us to offer high quality products with a five – year warranty.
A long – term experience in window production and the investment in a modern machinery park allow us to ensure the highest quality of our products. We offer a five – year warranty for woodwork. Warranty conditions can be downloaded from the “download” bookmark available below.
In order to make a complaint, a complaint protocol together with an appropriate proof of purchase should be sent to the following email address: or delivered to the right selling point.
The complaint will be admitted only when all the required documents and the proof of purchase are delivered. If needed, please contact our English speaking representative.